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  • *   Assorted Tapas
  • *   Beer
  • *   Wine, Red & White
  • *   Margaritas




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CDN 604-329-4300

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La Sirena





LA SIRENA GORDITA BEACH BAR BARRA DE NAVIDAD, was not really planned. It just happened due to a need to provide for our B&B guests. Villa Star of the Sea, Bed and Breakfast was planned and beyond breakfast we were planning to send our guests to Cocos Cabanas  for additional meals and beverages. Not planned for beyond our B&B guests, we created a little space on the beach and they came. This is what they have said about us in less than a season on the beach. Trip Advisor.

So then the task of trying to figure out who our clientele would be and what were their likes.


We will be open on the beach at Playa de Cocos7 days a week, 11 to 7:00 PM. We are open from Nov 15th until April 21st. We are strictly tapas type menu. Our music is a selection of soft mellow jazz and classic oldies. Look at us on  Trip Advisor

Legend of the Mermaid

With nearly three-quarters of the Earth covered by water, it's little wonder that, centuries ago, the oceans were believed to contain many mysterious creatures, including sea serpents and mermaids. Mermaids and mermen are, of course, only the marine version of half-human, half-animal legends that have captured human imagination for ages. In folklore, mermaids were often associated with bad luck and misfortune. They lured errant sailors off course and even onto rocky shoals, much like their cousins, the sirens — beautiful, alluring half-bird, half-women who dwelled near rocky cliffs and sung to passing sailors. The sirens would enchant men to steer their ships toward the singing — and the dangerous rocks that were sure to sink them. Homer's "Odyssey," written around 800 B.C., tells tales of the brave Ulysses, whose naked ears were tortured by the sweet sounds of the sirens. In other legends — from Scotland and Wales, for example — mermaids befriended, and even married, humans. Traditions concerning creatures half-human and half-fish in form have existed for thousands of years, and the Babylonian deity Era or Oannes, the Fish-god, is represented on seals and in sculpture, as being in this shape over 2,000 years BC













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