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Heather Plimmer - Artist
La Sirena Gordita Restaurant

(The Chubby Mermaid)

Few words about her

Heather Plimmer - Artist - Sculptor

Heather Plimmer's heart, soul and even some tears are openly on display in her longtime Airdrie home. Although she doesn't want to be defined by it, art has played an unanticipated restorative role for Plimmer in dealing with a few life-changing, tragic events. Call it artistic therapy. It is sort of a spiritual thing for me [although] I'm not a religious person, says the local artist, who turned to the canvas while dealing with family loss. I felt there were more tears in that watercolour than anything, but when I actually finished the painting it was like I was finally going to be on the road to healing. Heavily dotted with paintings, sculptures, stained glass and other projects, Plimmer's home of close to 35 years is a tribute to the empowerment of art. Her Rabbit in the Rockery studio is an ode to nature, with many acrylic and watercolour paintings depicting large cumulous clouds spiralling above the Alberta landscape, and trees silhouetted by rivers, streams and waterfalls. Watercolour is my first love. It's the most challenging, and I like to challenge myself, says Plimmer, who studied art in the 1970s but whose art path was interrupted by career, family and daily life. When I do watercolour I still use a lot of colour, she adds. It's not very forgiving if you make mistakes you can't just paint over it. That's why I find it challenging; it kind of has a life of its own. While subject matter varies, from architecture to human expression to her grandchildren, Plimmer sticks mostly to nature, using her photographic skills as a blueprint for her paintings. It's not always very convenient here to be painting on plain air because the weather changes in three seconds, she says. Having the photograph in your studio and [being] able to take your time I find is a lot easier. Co-founder of Kids Cancer Camp of Alberta, Plimmer retired from her job with Rocky View Schools and enrolled in a short stint with Airdrie School of Art. Becoming involved with Airdrie's Main Street Art Project helped the self-professed introvert to come out of her artistic shell. I'm pretty much an introvert. I'm very much a closet artist, says the reserved painter who now speaks volumes with colour and brush. I was always a person [who] second-guessed my abilities to do anything, she adds. I feel like I'm more complete since I started painting seriously.

"I had an intense desire to return to the art I had studied in the early 70s. In 2006 I retired from Rocky View School District and enrolled in the Airdrie School of Art. Although I am mostly self taught, being with a group of creative people, inspired me greatly. Initially, my interest was in watercolour painting, but she has included acrylics, pastels, glass work, and sculpture to her repertoire. "Painting has changed the way I look at the world around me. The Alberta landscape, world architecture, human expression through posture , and my grandchildren, are my inspirations. The ability to capture the moment, and then paint my interpretation of it, is a feeling of empowerment. I have participated in community events such as Empty Bowls, Airdrie's Main Street Art Project , Art in Motion, the Wetlands and Watershed project, Artember, and The Alberta Flood of Roses Project, with all proceeds going to the Red Cross for Alberta flood relief. My art was chosen to hang as a banner, on the Airdrie Arts Alley. I have worked in the art classes at the School of Hope, Catholic School Board, and most recently, as an Artist in residence for the Calgary School Board. About My Studio Name, I have always been a shy person, and even more reclusive as an artist. Over the last few years I have been encouraged to come out into the light. One spring as I was painting, I looked out my window and saw a rabbit in my rockery. I had lived in my home for 32 years, and never seen a rabbit in my garden. I rushed for my camera as the rabbit patiently waited. Symbolic? Who knows, but that is how I got the name. I am now emerging from my rabbit hole to share my work with you. You can see my work in MuK-Luk Magpies Stained Glass Emporium inc. 103,2966 Main Street , Airdrie AB, Canada. or See one of my Sculptures in it's new home in Mexico at La Sirena Gordita, Taps Bar at Villa Star of the Sea. JOIN ME ON FACEBOOK.

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La Sirena Gordita

We have known Heather, and her husband Bill, for approximately 43 years and Heather learned that we were opening a bar / restaurant on Playa de Coco, Isla Navidad. She graciously created and sculpted "La Sirena Gordita" and "SG" sits in the restaurant, greeting people as they enter. Heather works in her home studio, and is truly a gifted artist. She also will commission any painting, portrait, or sculpture that anyone would want commissioned. Heather can be reached through her facebook page, or website.