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La Sirena GorditaPARKING

Parking has recently become an issue at La Sirena Gordita. VILLA STAR OF THE SEA's, LA SIRENA GORDITA BEACH BAR asks that patrons to Villa Star of the Sea and La Sirena Gordita Tapas Bar refrain from parking on the beach road infront of residences, Ingress / Egress to any door on the beach properties. This is about respect and privacy of our guests and neighbors. We have provided parking for 4 cars off the road at the top of the driveway access to Villa Star of the Sea. There is also parking on the access side roads to the beach road. There is room for many cars in these areas. We have to be accommodating to both our resident guests, bar guests and neighbors.

Thank-you for your understanding and cooperation.

La Sirene Gordita